Saturday, 17 March 2018

Return to my landscape

It seems forever since I painted the landscape, got truly caught  up in the Urban stuff. But I have a complete week now in the studio so can have a massive paint. Can't wait. So, when I paint I don't  channel other artists but it's kind of like as you go along your journey , the images that you create or the marks that you make remind you of other artists past and present. That then takes you back into looking at their artwork, helping you with your own. It's massively useful to look how other artists create their work, make their marks, use their colours.....providing you sing in paint with your own voice and not someone else's.....this one , in parts , felt a little like an Egon Schielle landscape......I love his landscapes....research.....

52 cm sq. acrylic on board. ' A warm evening in my umber landscape. '

52 cm sq. landscape, ' A soft, cool Winter that envelops my studio.'
I collected some words as I painted ( when I. Say I collect the words it means I just jot down he words that come into my mind as I paint.)

The paint seems stiff and unhelpful today
Rusty landscape fingers
Blend to bland
Gentle, pastoral landscapes
Search for the colour
I like the making marks, the marks that you accidentally make during the course of a painting that with your Artists eye you decide to keep ...
A soft cold winter that envelops my studio
Had a lovely day in paint
 Love the paint
Can you tell when an artist loves the paint or when they try to master or dominate it.....don't we all do  both at times ?

' An umber day,' 52 cm sq. acrylic on board.
This was a rework of am earlier one that didn't work for me today. I glazed burnt umber over some  areas and a rich gold that I had mixed over others. I often use Daler Rowney, system 3 paint and I love their burnt warm and transparent.

' A Spring song,' 52 cm sq. acrylic on board. Another rework of an older one. Loved this one today....will I still love it tomorrow ? ... Had a feeling of. Elle Packs work.....research......

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Urban marks ( 6)

So, reviewing the Urban Marks....I am up to number 28. So the series has grown steadily, without me having to force it. Love these Urbany marks.

urban marks , acrylic, 12 inches sq.Definitely can see the influence of the artist Mishiul Choudhury . Love his urban stuff....he has a lighter, brighter palette than me. 

Urban marks no 26 , acrylic on canvas, 12 inches sq.

A few repaints later with this one. Finally like it ....TODAY....I had stretched the canvas over the box. Love how the drips and runs soak into the canvas....remind myself of Felicity Keefes work , which I love.....she uses washes rather than glazes, thin mixtures of runny paint that she seems then to tip onto the painting. Love it.

Putting primer and gesso onto boards. Boring but necessary. I put primer on first and then a good few layers of gesso , maybe around 5 or 6 with a light sanding in between coats. I have done quite a few just on the board, rather than make the box . I have done this on a few but it's then a pain to make the back of the box onto the painting. He oh, you have choices to make.

Displays of urban marks and My North painting displayed in the workroom. Putting them up on the wall helps keep them safe.

Display of four in the Art room. Massively realised this morning that in different places in the rooms the paintings look massively different. The light, the colour on the walls, the way you look at them , all changes.

More urban marks displayed in the Art lounge.

I am up to number 29 in the Urban marks but 8 have been reprinted ....or will be that's 21 out of 30 , 2 out of 3 ! Not bad really.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

My North second series

So , this week I have returned to visit my small ,' Northern ,' images......' Memories in paint,'........have had a lovely week in paint but have found this time round I am more critical of the images that I produce....perhaps inevitable.....these are this weeks that have made it through the first round ( there were lots that didn't ) ...I was undecided about whether to title them or not....I wanted the images to be ambiguous and open to interpretation so felt that the titles had to reflect that, obviously , so , different from the first series where I had been very specific about the titles of the images.......the last couple of days, I had wanted to lighten my palette ....often the Northern stuff is dark and gloomy in colour and tone....

These are all 15 cm sq.

No 1 ' Space.'

No 2 ' Parktime.'

No 3 ' Sunday holiday.'

No 4 ' Holiday.'

No 5 ' Textures.'

No 6' Street layers.'

No 7, ' Flecks of colour.'

No 8, ' Street layers.'

No 9, ' Alleyways.'

No 10, ' Faded.'

No 11, ' The future.'

No 12, ' Whitsuntide.'

No 13, ' Time.'

No 14 ' Summertime,' a favourite today.....but that's often because it's the latest I have will be a different story tomorrow !

All the ones to date. It's helpful to put them up together to see if they fit together as a whole, see if there are any emerging patterns / shapes/ recurring themes.....

Each time I paint, I do set off with a little challenge to the early ones, I had tried to leave bolder brush strokes alone and still showing.....later this week , I had wanted to alter my palette and bring in brighter colours....with some success...

A relatively modest collection of Golden fluid acrylics. Love them for these smaller pieces. They glaze with the golden glazing liquid but are naturally opaque. Love them ( well today )

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Urban marks (5)

So, creating a block to continue the series of Urban marks. My process with these is to play with the paint and look for something to come out. Simple words but not always simple ' do.' In fact, working this way sometimes produces a glut of a similar with this it trying tho tell me something ?

So, I felt to try and vary the image that comes out in paint , I would collect the words that come to mind when I paint. Here goes....

Let's collect the words
No deliberate marks.
That's not true, the chimneys are deliberate
Browns not blacks
Greys not greens
Love ambiguity
Attracted to ambiguity
Discovering through the layers
Texture, just texture
Half like it
Be bold
It was my landscape
Lots of crofts
Lots of wasteland
Like an abstract
Don't want to I let it dry
Too critical
Needs warmth
Needs scratching
Can't find anything in this studio
Tidy up
I like the making marks
T.S.Elliot wasteland
Shall I try gold
Does it always have to be warm
Is this a stream of concours ness writing...
I don't think so, because it's directed rather than being about random stuff
Dark moody
I like the idea that I can write these collected words on the back of the next painting, made in
reference to this block...once the back of the 15 cm piece is done then the painting has to be done
too..Mmm...sounds interesting

This was the first one, urban marks no 25 ) acrylic on a 12 inch square block.

So next, I studied the block and made a painting in reference to that block ( don't ask me why, it seemed a good idea at the time ) I also collected these words too

This process is making me study my own painting. Not sure I want to !
Of course, it's going to be's a different time ( even though that may only be by half hour )different size, different paper.
Defo influenced by Ghislaine her work, particularly the 365 series and her interpretations of Masters paintings eg Goya / Valasquez
Am I trying to do interpretations of my own work ?
Am I being too creative for my own good ?
I think I need to time restrict these small pieces, otherwise I can imagine I would be fiddling to get them accurate

It needs too I go it's own way

Fiddling about.

Urban marks study on no 25 reflected, acrylic on photographic paper, 15 cm sq.

Reflection on this process.....I like it today ! It's giving me a chance to study the original Urban mark. Interesting. As artists we my study other artists work but don't often study our own. Will see where this goes but open minded at the moment.

Sunday 25 th February 2018
Creating another Urban mark on a box this morning .

Urban marks no 26, acrylic on board 12 inches square.

Collected words ( words as I paint , written on the back of the study )
Forgot to collect the caught up with the paint it this morning....very Urbany ...don't know what the shapes are but they have a sense of rightness this morning...carry on....marks....think about marks, urban marks...research just the textures of use scraped simple, because it often never is, it's just the the scrapings....don't know what the shapes are, other than mills, chimneys and paint...

Urban marks study on no 26, acrylic on paper, 15 cm sq.

Completely caught up with trying to create or reproduce this I might want too do that, it has gone it's own way....I started with a wash which of course is very different on a paper surface...I don't mind the study....I went back in with watery creamy acrylic....

Reflection...I like the process...I like the importance put on the collected words by writing them down....I think it's made me realise already that the collected words are really important and insightful to me...helping me with actually painting the image or bringing up other artists who come into my mind whilst I am painting

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Urban marks ( 4 )

Continuing with Urban marks. Loving them. Slowish process though, lots of a painting and then almost a ,' breakthrough.' Need to get back on making the boxes. That takes time too. Still caught up with simple shapes, blocks of colour and trying to get a, ' feeling ,' of a place/ time / atmosphere.

I am aware that I have become interested in skylines. Specially those urban ones that I drive through on my way to Manchester ....and especially those in twilight. Research paintings of skylines.

This middle one was a 15 cm piece in inks. Sumi ink and acrylic ink. Want to I do another series of Northern ones, well really about my childhood ones, so am just dipping my toe in.

Urban mark 22. Acrylic, Golden glazing liquid, 12 inches square board on a frame to make a box. I love the pieces on the boxes.

I like these really because I look at them and think it doesn't seem so apparent whether the artist was male or female. I like

What else did I like ? Size ( 12 inch square seems just right , they are intense and maybe would be too strong to paint larger. Of course I must try but I need to do a lot more before I do....hence the 30 days of urban marks.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Urban marks revisited ( 3 )

My creative process is very interesting...well to me anyway. I did my dissertation on the creative process back in  2001 and maybe I still don't understand that why it's still interesting to me ?

Anyway, this is what I do....

DEFINE what it is I want to do ( eg Nothern/ Urban )
RESEARCH what other artists have done and look back at what I have done
PLAY in the paint, sit with the boards /paper and play ( make time )
LOOK for something to come out of the paint.....sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
REVIEW what I have done without being too critical . 

Love it.....

These are some of the urban boxes that I have done this week. I am looser on paper, so have to include more of works on paper.

Urban mark no 18 12 inch sq.....made me think a little of Whistler....research Whistler

Urban mark no 19.....will defo paint over this one ! 12 inch sq.

Urban mark no 20 was more about the simplicity I wanted. 12 inch sq.

Urban mark no 21, ' the fog settled on the window sills.' 12 inch sq...thinking about whether to title them or not...can't decide....decide later then

Also this week reviewing paintings for Hope gallery....the ones below are 52 cm square.

A faded landscape. 52 inch sq.

A dark, faded landscape.52 inch sq.

Landscape greyness. 52 cm sq.

A light darkness. 52 inch sq.

A breath of fresh air. 52 cm sq.

So, I use my Pinterest boards to kind of catalogue my work. I have a secret one that I. Log everything on and then a public one where I put the selected ones ( that I don't mind people seeing ) on. It works for me. A big part of my creative process is to live with the work and at the end of  ( sometimes a lengthy period ) decide if it is fit to go out into the world so to speak ! Strange !

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Urban marks revisited ( 2 )

Tentative steps into the Urban marks this week. Wanted simple .....lines, colours, shapes, content/ composition. Fail then, because they came out as little pictures ! I don't mind them though and it is an example of how there is no controlling that creative spirit.....if it doesn't want to do simple lines, colours, shapes, composition then there's no way on Earth it will happen ! The pressures off though because I have undertaken to do an urban mark a day for the foreseeable to ,' loosen up,' or explore the subject comprehensively. Mmm can't wait.

Need to review what I have done under,' urban marks,' I title them ? Or number them ( research John Virtue, I loved the fact that he just numbered his London work...)

So, back to Daily painting, one of my special loves. This decision came from just reviewing where I was in different aspects of my work and reflecting on what I like to do best ( paint a's fair enough )

The spiral symbol came to mind. It's the symbol of my own creative spirit, returning to certain areas of work with increased knowledge and ability each visit. So true.
Below. I am always on the lookout for tools to scratch into the paint. Christmas present was dental tools. I like them , the ends have different thicknesses and shapes to make marks with. Mmmm

This was the first of the week, and I collected the words as I painted....
There are a lot of horizontals and verticals in my Northern Landscapes.
You can't avoid what you see every day
The mills and chimneys are still a background to my world )
I like the paints dryer, I have less control....and for my way of working control is an absolute no no
The urban marks are more considered on the boxes 
The symbol of my creativity is a spiral
Bring in colour
But it's colourless at this time of the year
Look back at lines and grids
Look at Susan Laughtons work
There's no need to define every area of the picture plane....I like some space
Research Anna King for lightweight washes / glazes
Accuracy doesn't seem to have a major place in work
Doesn't feel as if I have had a good paint unless I've gone on a roll
Mix some light grey/ green ( not cream )